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Brita Water Filter Pitcher Advanced Replacement Filters, 5 Count

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  • Handle for easier insertion and removal
  • No pre-soaking requirement
  • Eliminates appearance of black flecks
  • 2x faster filter installation and removal
  • Works in all Britaystem models
Improve the taste of tap water by regularly changing your BPA-free Brita Advanced Replacement Filter. Designed to fit all Brita pitchers and dispensers, this filter reduces the taste and odour of chlorine , to deliver great-tasting water while removing copper, cadmium and mercury. For optimum performance, change your water filter every 151 Litres, or approximately 2 months. One water filter can replace up to 300 standard 500 millilitre water bottles, better for the environment and for your wallet. Keep the great-tasting water flowing with this convenient 3-pack. Get great taste, less waste and more savings from Brita. Disclaimer: the logo on the actual filter is molded into the filter body and does not have a blue colour.